Stage 2 - Newstead to Mansfield Woodhouse

    Passenger services were extended from Newstead to Mansfield Woodhouse on     
    the 29th November 1995 with new stations at Sutton Parkway, Mansfield and
    Mansfield Woodhouse.  Kirkby  opened a year later on 12th November 1996.
A service for Mansfield Woodhouse leaving Newstead.  This is the point where
the bufferstops were situated prior to opening Stage 2.  6th July 1998
   A Mansfield Woodhouse bound train from Newstead crossing.  6th July 1998    
   A Mansfield bound class 150 DMU approaching the east portal of Kirkby Tunnel    
   A Mansfield bound class 150 DMU leaving the west portal of Kirkby Tunnel    
Kirkby Summit Junction.  6th July 1998
Kirkby Summit signalbox. 8th January 1996
On the 10th November 1995 in the pouring rain Mansfield Woodhouse station is formally         
opened by Sir George Young, Transport Secretary.  Following the ceremony the party
travelled to Nottingham in DMU 150 018 strengthened by a DM from 150 022
On the 30th November 1995 58 040 "Cottam Power Station" in Mainline livery          
heads north with a train of loaded MGR wagons.  At this time the north bound
platform, part of Phase 3, had not been started
Looking east from Kirkby Summit Junction.  6th July 1998.  Visible between     
the bushes to the right is the line to Pye Bridge