The Midlands
44932 leaves Edale following a waterstop.  18th September 1988
80080 makes a smokey exit from Nottingham with the “Jolly Fisherman to Skegness.
10th May 1993
46203 Princess Margaret Rose climbing out of Sheffield with
“The White Rose”.  15th September 1990
46203 Princess Margaret Rose negotiating Woodhouse Junction with “The White Rose.”
15th September 1990
53809 passing Spondon with the “Derwent Explorer” from Nottingham to
Matlock.  21st June 1987
46229 Duchess of Hamilton passing through Duffield
53809 leaving Nottingham with the “Derwent Explorer” to Matlock
21st June 1987
76079 and 45407 passing through Peak Forest with “The Buxton Peaks”
5th July 2003
48151 shunts at Sutton Colliery Open Day 18th September 1988
6201 Princess Elizabeth passing Normanton on Soar with the Cathedrals Explorer
25th May 2012